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Ecological Restoration Planning and Design 

We prepare habitat restoration plans including conceptual to full detail design drawings which may require teaming with GIS or AutoCAD subcontractors depending on the scope of services. We assist clients with preparing restoration plans that meet mitigation requirements using cost effective approaches based on our experience and collaboration with other restoration ecologists as new techniques are discovered.

Native Seed Collection and Plant Propagation

We can provide native seed collection and plant propagation services and/or team with subcontractors. We can direct nurseries on identification of native plant species and potential sources for collection materials. We have a small greenhouse and an existing source of native plant materials on our 0.25 acre property in Orcutt, California.

KR&EC promotes the use of local seed and plant sources to preserve genetic integrity and maximize restoration success.

Installation and Maintenance

We manage landscape subcontractors to provide restoration installation and maintenance services. We provide monitoring and direction to the landscaper to maximize project success and document restoration progress for project reporting requirements.

Vegetation and Wildlife Monitoring

We conduct qualitative and quantitative vegetation monitoring to document restoration progress and determine if project performance standards will be achieved. Quantitative vegetation sampling may include  point intercept vegetation transect monitoring or quadrat sampling. Observations of all wildlife utilizing the restoration site will be recorded. Specific wildlife surveys may be conducted to determine the extent that certain species or types of wildlife utilize the restored habitat.

Annual Reporting

Annual reporting is a requirement of most habitat restoration projects. We prepare annual reports that satisfy agency requirements, document restoration progress and direct future restoration activities to achieve an efficient and successful project. Annual reports typically include a summary of restoration activities, plant pallets, species lists, photographs, vegetation sampling analysis and results, project maps, performance criteria and discussion of project progress on achieving criteria.